How We Give

Giving Back

The sight of a polar bear,  the iconic beast of the north, struggling to feed her cubs. The 40,000 penguins who suddenly died leaving only two chicks. The countless of trees that are being cut down for profits. These are the reasons we are driven to do what we do. 

Our motto is to "Save Earth's Life". With every bracelet purchased, a portion of our profits is given back to conserve and preserve nature. 

EARTHOLOGY + CO. is committed in providing you with products that are conveniently organized into 6 different support area: wildlife, forest, fresh water, ocean, climate, and food. 

Choose Oceans

The gift of healthy oceans. The ocean is home to an estimate 2 million species. Approximately 91% of marine species have yet to be discovered. The oceans of the world are the source of the planetary water cycle producing rain and snow. The oceans also feed an estimated 1 billion people. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. OCEANS collection purchase helps provide a healthy resilient and pollution free ocean that will support this vast ecosystem and provide food security for many around the world.

Choose Forest

The gift of a healthy forests. The planet's forests provides the Earth with regulated climate and is the home to many species which even include people. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. Forests collection purchase helps conserve forest land and prevent deforestation across the globe.

Choose Climate

The worlds carbon footprint has been steadily increasing due to the increasing demand for fossil fuels and the increase in human population. The gift of clean energy is needed across the globe. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. climate collection purchase helps provide a climate-resilient and a carbon free world.

Choose Fresh Water

The gift of water is needed by every living organism in the world. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. Fresh Water collection purchase helps provide  and maintain the worlds most precious resource. Protecting fresh water is not something that can happen alone. Together with the non-profit organizations and communities we can ensure healthy freshwater systems exist to conserve the fresh water ecosystems and provide a water secure future.

Choose Food

The gift of food is needed across the globe. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. Food collection purchase helps provide sustainable food systems that will feed humanities ever increasing demand.

Choose Wildlife

The gift of life is precious to these iconic animals. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. Wildlife collection purchase helps restore and conserve the habitats to the beautiful animals of this world and ensure the survival of endangered species.