Seaside Breakaway Bracelet | Ocean Collection

Seaside Breakaway Bracelet | Ocean Collection

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EARTHOLOGY + CO. bracelets are designed to give your outfit a unique touch. Your bracelet comes in a 100% recycled packaging accompanied by a protective pouch.

The gift of healthy oceans. The ocean is home to an estimate 2 million species. Approximately 91% of marine species have yet to be discovered. The oceans of the world are the source of the planetary water cycle producing rain and snow. The oceans also feed an estimated 1 billion people. Your EARTHOLOGY + CO. Oceans Collection purchase helps provide a healthy resilient and pollution free ocean that will support this vast ecosystem and provide food security for many around the world.


  • Name: Seaside Breakaway Bracelet
  • Collection: Ocean Collection
  • Bracelet Type: Stretch
  • Crafted in beautiful high quality natural stones
  • Note: All stones are unique and may vary in patterns from the one shown in the picture.

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